Celebrating the Holidays in North Carolina

Celebrating the Holidays in North Carolina

Team RevoLusion Consultants, Inc. looks forward to the end of the year for many reasons, but one of the most exciting is the holiday party! This is always a great time, filled with laughter and reflection on the wins we’ve shared in the year gone by.

This year we packed even more partying into our busy schedule: hand-selected team members were invited to a special end-of-year celebration in North Carolina for top producers. Not only were there chances to win exciting prizes in a raffle drawing, but donations were made to charities. There were amazing networking opportunities as well. It was a huge honor for anyone who was invited, and those chosen to represent RevoLusion Consultants, Inc. had a great time.

Before sending our team members to North Carolina, we spent some time reviewing some of the fundamentals of effective networking. For example, it’s important to be prepared to meet people with whom we’ll want to keep in touch. We suggest they bring business cards and carry two pens so they could jot down any information they were given by their new contacts.

We rehearsed the different elements of a networking conversation. Ice breakers, proper follow-up, and the stages of dialogue in between are all important. The more we practice these activities, the easier it is to sound natural and be successful in adding names to our contact lists.

This holiday, we got to combine two of our favorite perks: social events and travel. Follow RevoLusion Consultants, Inc. on Twitter to see how we recognize our top performers next.