Luis’ Contact Brings the Whole Team to an MMA Event

Luis’ Contact Brings the Whole Team to an MMA Event

Networking is more than just a skill we promote for new professionals: Luis, President of RevoLusion Consultants, Inc., is always ready to expand his contact list as well. In fact, he recently made a connection that had a positive impact on our entire organization.

Luis just reconnected with an old business colleague, who had switched careers and joined the MMA fighting and entertainment industry. Thanks to this great contact, our entire team got to attend an MMA match right after our RevoLusion Consultants, Inc. office holiday party.

This proves what Luis and the rest of our leadership team always say: when we take advantage of a networking opportunity, we open doors to exciting new experiences. Thanks to Luis and his connection, we can now all say we’ve watched an MMA event together.

To be as successful a networker as Luis, we suggest following a few simple strategies:

• Look for Ways to Give Value: When we introduce ourselves to new people (or old acquaintances), we aren’t thinking about what we can get from them. Instead, we look for ways to give. In doing so, we often receive more in return.

• Focus on Self-Improvement: There’s a reliable maxim that says like attracts like, which is especially true with networking. Through continual learning, we steadily become more successful professionals, thus attracting more successful people into our lives.

We had a great time on our team outing, and appreciate Luis for making the contact that got us ringside! See what events we attend next by liking RevoLusion Consultants, Inc. on Facebook.