Start a Great Networking Conversation

Start a Great Networking Conversation

It’s one thing to slide into a relaxed discussion with someone you know well. It’s something else entirely to approach a person you don’t know and strike up a conversation. We place a great deal of focus on networking in the RevoLusion Consultants, Inc. training program, and we’ve learned some effective ice breakers to use in such situations.

We often rely on some proven classics. For instance, “What brings you here today?” “This is a beautiful venue. Have you been here before?” and, “Have you tried the appetizers? They’re delicious!” are great options. We’ve even discovered that asking, “What’s your favorite networking conversation starter?” is a big hit!

Depending on the topic, current events often make good ice breakers. We ask questions such as, “Have you caught today’s business headlines? What do you think?” and, “I’m so pleased that the weather is improving after such a dreary couple of days!” Many of the connections we’ve forged on behalf of RevoLusion Consultants, Inc. have started with these simple openers.

Certain conversation starters tend to be favored by introverted people. Examples include, “These events get so busy!” and, “Hello. Do you mind if I join you here, where it’s quiet?” We’ve discovered that reserved individuals appreciate when others recognize their preference for laid-back settings and low-key interactions.

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